Penny Stocks Under $1 that are Rising: Flex Pharma and NeuroMetrix

Penny Stocks

Looking at the penny stocks market today, there is clear interest around medical stocks in the biotechnology sector. These stocks are always intriguing because investors never know when the next ‘Eureka!’ breakthrough in medicine may come. Or what company may bring it.

We are looking at two companies that are in the green today, that you can buy for less than $1!

Penny Stocks Under $1: Flex Pharma (NASDAQ:FLKS)

Up 4.69% at the time of writing and selling for the low low price of $0.40 USD, FLKS stock has been swapping hands a lot as of late. Fluctuations on its chart for the past week show the shares drop to lows of $0.38 and rise to highs of $0.47 USD. However, this stock saw highs of $7.60 USD earlier in 2018. 

In its last quarter, the stock moved -15.84%, and year-to-date, the stock has performed -87.89%. But past performance doesn’t necessarily equal future results. So the Flex Pharma penny stock may be considered a high-risk choice, but it could also easily be the next big stock winner.

The company is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to creating innovative, novel treatments for neuromuscular disorders. The company develops products “to address muscle cramps and spasms by halting the repetitive firing of the motor neurons.”

Penny Stocks Under $1: NeuroMetrix (NASDAQ:NURO)

Currently selling for $0.96 and up just over 1% at the time of writing, NeuroMetrix could be a favorable penny stock for your portfolio. Like Flex Pharma, NeuroMetrix was riding higher at the beginning of 2018 when shares could reach over $2.

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Over the past 52-weeks, shares have been lower by -45.86%. It’s a hard one to call which way this penny stock will go in 2019.

Also focusing on the nervous system, NeuroMetrix aims to cure chronic disease by using technology to tap into the nervous system avoiding drug use. According to its website:

“Our mission is to improve health through technology—by investing in meaningful innovation and gathering data, we can use these insights to transform medicine.”

The future could be brighter for either of these companies. This is why penny stocks in the biotechnology sector are so interesting. It only takes one ‘Eureka!’ product to see shares skyrocket. Both of these companies have doubled their current value in the past. Will they do that again?

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