Two Penny Stocks to Watch: RNWK and DRIO Stocks

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We are checking out two penny stocks today that could be showing potential. Both are in the red at the time of writing, but that is nothing to worry about here. 

Penny Stocks to Watch: RealNetworks Inc. (NASDAQ:RNWK)

RealNetworks began life as RealPlayer—a media player/programme that was pre-installed on most computers before you even got your hands on them. Years on, the company now includes games, music, call waiting, apps, and other programs to its portfolio.

This year saw the company bring in $123 million in revenue. That’s impressive. At its current price of $2.61 USD per share, the RNWK penny stock could be set to soar.

The company has a market cap of approximately $101 million and no debt. It was trading closer to $4 earlier in the year. The current price could be considered a great opportunity, as expectations for RealNetworks are that it is only going to go from strength to strength.

Penny Stocks to Watch: DarioHealth Corp (NASDAQ:DRIO)

Our second penny stock today is Labstyle Innovations, known publicly as DarioHealth. The Isreal-based company gives consumers the ability to perform laboratory tests from their own smartphone. One example is its Dario system, which lets you use your mobile phone to test and monitor blood glucose levels.

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Not only is its product an effective and usable advancement in healthcare technology, many believe that stocks in the healthcare industry will always remain “a reliable store of value,” no matter how the economy looks. The reason is simple: people will always need to take their medications in any circumstances.

The real excitement for the DRIO penny stock is the link between this product and diabetes. Within six seconds, an individual can test their levels, log their results, and even share the data with their caregivers or doctors. 

The market this company is hoping to conquer is huge, and a few operational successes could push this $28 million company to new levels. Where profits go, shares tend to follow.

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