Nokia Partners with Transworld for Enhanced Optical Network

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Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) has recently unveiled a collaboration with Transworld Associates, a leading submarine fiber optic network provider in Pakistan, to implement Nokia’s cutting-edge optical transport solution suite. This initiative aims to construct a robust optical network system connecting Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman. Through this expansion effort, TWA seeks to establish a new standard for connectivity in the region.

Nokia’s solution suite comprises 1830 Photonic Service Switch platforms, adept at efficiently managing substantial data volumes and optimizing network performance to cater to TWA’s growing bandwidth needs. Not only does this solution offer high capacity, but it also reduces power consumption per bit, aligning with environmental sustainability goals. Additionally, Nokia’s CDC-F architecture ensures flexibility and resilience in the network infrastructure, enabling TWA to adapt to evolving client demands.

As digital activities proliferate in the region, data centers experience a notable surge in data traffic. The new optical network system is poised to deliver a capacity of 9.2Tb/s, effectively meeting the escalating demand for fast connectivity.

Furthermore, TWA introduces the region’s inaugural 400Gbps per lambda transmission across a subsea system built on Nokia’s PSE-Vs technology. These advancements empower enterprises, service providers, and webscalers to leverage high-speed networks, streamline operations, and explore new commercial opportunities.

Despite facing challenges in the Asia-Pacific optical networks market, Nokia’s collaboration with TWA is anticipated to enhance its presence and prospects in the region. Notably, Nokia is actively expanding the capabilities of its PSE-6s solutions within the Optical Networks segment. In a recent live network trial, the solution achieved a new milestone with 800 Gbps transmission on a single wavelength over 6,600 km. Nokia’s strong focus on portfolio expansion and innovation augurs well for its long-term growth trajectory.

The stock has experienced a decline of 24% in the past year, contrasting with the industry’s growth of 16.2%.

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