SORL Auto Parts Awarded for Excellence in Production and Service

SORL Auto Parts

SORL Auto Parts, Inc. (NASDAQ:SORL) has received two awards for providing excellent quality products and services. The company, which focuses on the production of commercial vehicle brake systems, hopes to continue the progress it has made this past year and to continue producing the best for its customers.

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The company was awarded the “Best Supplier for Aftermarket Service” from the Foton Motor Group. It also received the “2017 Excellent Production Services” from Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile (private).

Xiaoping Zhang, SORL’s Chairman and CEO, commented on the company’s progress, saying, “Our robust sales growth in recent years reflects our significant quality improvement and product innovations. We recently invited Foton Motor’s senior management to visit us and showcased our full range of product offerings for the commercial vehicle market including electric air compressor, ECAS, automatic adjustment arm and many electronic control units. We look forward to winning more contracts from OEM and aftermarket customers with our ongoing product strategy.”

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