Official opening of 23 social housing units for low-income single mothers in Laval

LAVAL, QC, June 8, 2024 /CNW/ – The governments of Quebec and Canada and the City of Laval are proud to announce the opening of the Avenir de femmes housing project spearheaded by the Bureau d’aide et d’assistance familiale Place St-Martin. This is a building with 23 units for low-income single mothers in Laval. This project required a total investment of more than $10.1 million.

The Government of Quebec has contributed more than $2.8 million through the Société d’habitation du Québec’s (SHQ’s) AccèsLogis Québec program. The SHQ is also securing the organization’s mortgage loan.

The Government of Canada has allocated more than $2 million to this project through the Canada-Quebec Rapid Housing Initiative Agreement. The City of Laval has provided more than $1.2 million for the construction of the building.


“Our government is sparing no effort to ensure that more Quebecers are able to enjoy a quality living environment. Quebec’s financial contribution to this project for low-income single mothers is essential and demonstrates how our investments in creating affordable housing are reaching all regions of Quebec and all people with special needs.”

France-Élaine Duranceau, Quebec Minister Responsible for Housing

“The federal government will continue to work hard toward ensuring that everyone in Quebec and across Canada has a safe and stable place to call home. We’re quickly providing new affordable housing to those who need it most across the country, thanks to the Canada-Quebec Rapid Housing Initiative Agreement and collaboration from all levels of government.” 

The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities

“This is a great example of collaboration between the Bureau d’aide et d’assistance familiale Place St-Martin and all levels of government. When we work together, we get results! These units will make a big difference in the lives of many women.”

Christopher Skeete, Quebec Minister for the Economy, Quebec Minister Responsible for the Fight Against Racism, Quebec Minister Responsible for the Laval Region and Member of the National Assembly for Sainte-Rose

“Every Quebecer deserves a safe and affordable place to call home, regardless of their situation. The Government of Canada is proud to contribute to the creation of 23 new affordable housing units for single mothers here in Laval. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to ensuring that no one is left behind.”

Annie Koutrakis, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Tourism, Minister Responsible for the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec and Member of Parliament for Vimy

“Avenir de femmes is a community affordable housing project in Laval-des-Rapides that will provide low-cost housing for 23 single mothers who plan to go back to school or return to work. I want to congratulate the Bureau d’aide et d’assistance familiale Place St-Martin for completing this inspiring project for the entire Laval community.”

Céline Haytayan, Temporary Chair and Member of the National Assembly for Laval-des-Rapides

“I’m especially proud to see promising projects like Avenir de femmes carried out thanks to the close collaboration between the City of Laval and its partners and institutions. We need to focus on concrete and varied solutions to promote access to affordable social housing, particularly for the most vulnerable client groups, and this is a real priority for our government. I applaud this project that will provide many single mothers in Laval with invaluable assistance.”

Sandra El-Helou, Laval City Councillor Responsible for the Status of Women

“As we approach the 40th anniversary of our organization in the midst of a housing crisis, our low-rental housing project, Avenir de femmes, couldn’t have come at a better time for single mothers. The benefits of this project will be even greater, as our residents will get support for a life goal of going back to school or re-entering the labour market to become more independent and improve their own quality of life as well as that of their families.”

Martin Badia, President of the Bureau d’aide et d’assistance familiale Place Saint-Martin

  • All tenants could potentially benefit from the Société d’habitation du Québec’s (SHQ’s) Rent Supplement Program, ensuring that they spend just 25% of their income on housing. This additional assistance of more than $395,000 over five years is assumed by the SHQ (90%) and the City of Laval (10%).
  • The Bureau d’aide et d’assistance familiale Place St-Martin also received over $448,000 in financial assistance from the SHQ’s Rénovation Québec program. In accordance with the standards of this program, this assistance is funded equally by the SHQ and the City of Laval.
  • The Bureau d’aide et d’assistance familiale Place St-Martin will provide families living in the Avenir de femmes building with support services for a life goal (going back to school or occupational requalification).
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