General Electric and EnergyHub Join Forces for Grid Enhancement

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General Electric’s (NYSE:GE) Digital division, a part of GE Vernova, has forged a strategic partnership with EnergyHub aimed at redefining how electric utilities handle distributed energy resources (DER).

This collaboration leverages the advanced grid optimization capabilities of GE Vernova’s GridOS Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) and EnergyHub’s expertise in DERMS management and control across a vast array of grid-edge DERs. The objective is to streamline the management of these emerging energy assets. By combining these capabilities, utilities can construct substantial DER aggregations, enhance load flexibility across the grid, unlock additional energy storage capacity, and make data-driven decisions to optimize grid performance and enhance the customer experience.

General Electric’s GridOS DERMS, designed as an enterprise solution, empowers utilities to efficiently orchestrate the rapid expansion of DERs. It equips grid operators with a comprehensive suite of modular applications that oversee the entire DER lifecycle, from initial integration and visualization to ongoing control and optimization.

EnergyHub’s DERMS provides an enterprise-wide platform for the construction and orchestration of grid-edge DER portfolios. Harnessing the industry’s most extensive ecosystem of DERs, EnergyHub’s DERMS takes on the full spectrum of utility DER management, encompassing resource formation, asset management, flexibility forecasting, and localized DER dispatch and optimization.

This collaboration between GE and EnergyHub signifies a significant step forward in the evolution of grid management, enabling utilities to adapt to the changing landscape of distributed energy resources efficiently and effectively.

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