The Latest Creation From the Cannabis Sector is a Cannabis-Infused Keurig Cup Line

Now that support for cannabis has grown to a majority, the question of national legalization is not so much a matter of “if” but “when.”

Until this point, the cannabis sector in California has been 100% unregulated at the state level, however regulation is coming with California’s Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA). What does this mean? Well it indicates that now is the time for venture capitalists to start investing, because once the MMRSA is put into action, growth in the sector might wobble under the weight of government supervision.

As a result of the approaching threat, there are now a number of weed-infused consumables popping up on the market on a daily basis. The latest product comes from Cue Cannabinier, and it is a marijuana infused Keurig cup line called ‘Brewbudz’. So, instead of putting milk and sugar in your coffee, you can now have marijuana.

According to Timothy Walters, president and COO of Cannabiniers, the pods work with all K-Cup and K-Cup 2.0 style brewers and are completely compostable, which is a crucial aspect of the product that will resonate with an eco-friendly market.

“The cannabis consumer tends to be eco-conscious,” Walters said. “Youth today are very disenchanted with the K-cup concept, people don’t like using them [because] they recognize that it’s environmentally disastrous, but there’s so many easy benefits to preparing a good cup of single-serve coffee. Marrying those two up and having an eco conscious solution that’s natural and not a sugary drink is a healthy alternative and we think the market recognizes that.”

With 9 to 12% of beverages composing the world of edibles, Brewbudz seems to be filling a space within marijuana markets. “It’s a great way to formulate a controlled dose into a convenient package and has the potential to further enhance the experience by integrating it into our coffee and tea time,” said Anthony Smith of Single Bay Inc.’s ($SGBY) Evio Labs.

In regards to 2017 sales, Walters forecast that the brand will accumulate $2 million worth of revenue in the Nevada market alone. After that, Brewbudz will enter California, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. As soon as those markets mature, Walter predicts that the gross revenue will shift to $30 million over the course of the next two years.

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