Mining Stocks Are On The Rise – Here’s What You Need to Know

Mining Stocks

Mining stocks and rare earth firms are dominating the micro gainers today amid strong fourth quarter growth reports, mergers and general positive news. Here are three rising mining stocks you should be looking at. 

Mining Stocks: Aura Minerals, Inc, (TSE:ORA)

Current price (CAD): $2.75 | 24hr change: +12.70% | Year change: +44.7% | Market cap: $92.3m

Although no news today can explain the prolific growth of this South-American gold and copper mining firm, it could well be that their mining stocks are still reeling after last week’s merger announcement with gold exploration company Rio Novo. The merger is expected to close after March 2nd, after which developments can begin. Both companies currently operate in South America, particularly with gold mines in Brazil. With the price of gold currently on a huge hike from its depressing December low, investors should watch Aura with care, particularly with its impressive year performance. It will release its Q4 and full year 2017 report on March 26 this year. 

Mining Stocks: Stornoway Diamond Corporation (TSE:SWY)

Current price (CAD): $0.62 | 24hr change: +10.71% | Year change: -26.19% Market cap: $517.8m

The second highest mover on our mining stocks list, Stornoway Diamond Corp. is a Canadian diamond mining firm and jeweler with its Renard mine located in Quebec. Having made its vision to ‘become a world-class diamond mining company’ a reality, Stornoway now operates with shareholder value, community interests and mine development in mind. In 2016, they produced 448,887 carats worth of diamond from their mine (which itself was constructed both ahead of schedule and below budget) ‘significantly ahead of plan’. This week’s impressive stock performance is mysterious since no news seems to support it, but it marks their longest climb since November last year; a welcome change from January’s slump. Keep an eye out for this one. 


Mining Stocks

Image source: Stornoway

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Mining Stocks: Teranga Gold Corporation (TSE:TGZ)

Current price (CAD): $3.62 | 24hr change: +3.43% | Year change: -11.7% | Market cap: $3.86.4m

Teranga Gold’s share prices have been on the up this week following a gentle decline from February 15th. The rise follows strong a strong Q4 and full year 2017 report with a 38% increase in net income attributable to shareholders to $31.9 million and a record gold production of 233,267 oz. In addition, the company today announced the discovery of high-grade gold mineralization at its Jackhammer Hill development. February’s stock performance has seen its highest share value since April 2017, and if things continue the way they are currently going, there is no reason why the numbers won’t keep climbing. As a cherry on the cake, Teranga Gold highlights their efforts towards sustainability and social responsibility in their mining programs. More information on this is available on their website.

Please invest with care! 

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