Shares of DPW Holdings Soaring Ahead of Q4 Earnings Conference Call

DPW Holdings Inc.

Now that the market has closed, we can take a look to see which companies had a positive day on the market and which companies struggled to stay afloat. Looking at the companies who succeeded today, there is one company, in particular, that stands out – and that’s DPW Holdings Inc. (NYSE:DPW)

What Happened to DPW Holdings?

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On Thursday, DPW Holdings witnessed its stock surge. Specifically, DPW Holdings ended the trading day up $0.37, or 44.63%. To top it off, DPW Holdings is moving higher in after-hours trade, up nearly 10%. Obviously, this indicates a good day on the market for the company, and yet, there isn’t actually any news that would explain this surge. Don’t worry, though, we have some ideas regarding what caused this jump.

Before we begin, for those who don’t know, DPW Holdings is a Fremont, California-based company established in 1969. Primarily, DPW Holdings focuses on obtaining various disruptive technologies, undervalued assets, and impactful ventures for development. DPW Holdings also has a reputation for making various investments in the following industries: cryptocurrency mining, hospitality, and defence/aerospace.

Many on the market have speculated that today’s surge has stemmed from investors anticipating the company’s conference call, scheduled for Tuesday, April 17. Now I know what you’re thinking, why would the anticipation of a phone call lead to a nearly 50% increase? Well, it’s not just any phone call. On Tuesday, April 17, DPW Holdings is set to announce its Q4 and fiscal year 2017 results during the conference call. If all goes as planned, the call will be led by CEO Milton ‘Todd’ Ault III and William Horne, chief financial officer.

The Takeaway

April seems to have been a good month for DPW Holdings. On top of announcing its earnings report, which investors appear to be optimistic about, DPW Holdings is also set to participate in the forthcoming Planet MicroCap Showcase. This event will occur from April 24 to April 26, held at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

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