Penny Stocks Under 1 Cent: CPWY and RJDG Offer Potential

Penny Stocks

A stock under $5 can be a bit of a headache for a myriad of reasons. As a result, some investors simply don’t like investing in penny stocks.

One particular disgruntlement tends to sound like this: Penny stocks are simply low-capped companies with unproven track records that can find it hard to stay afloat, yet alone make a profit.

Essentially, it’s thought that the risk is greater when you bet on a new or smaller company.

So what about micro-penny stocks then? As in stocks trading for way under 1 cent. Are they a total right-off or are the low buy-in prices worth taking the risk on?

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We’re checking out two that are priced very low—but who knows how things can turn.

Penny Stocks Under 1 Cent

First up is Clean Energy Pathways Inc. (OTC:CPWY). This is a very cheap penny stock offering that’s completely under the radar. Selling for $0.0052 USD and down -11% on the day, some might say the buying time is now for CPWY. Of course, you would need this stock to increase about a million fold to actually return decent profits, but crazier things have happened.

This stock is one to watch because the American-based company focuses on green energy solutions. This includes fossil fuel replacement, low carbon footprint fertilizer, solar thermal water filters, along with a host of other planet-friendly products.

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The big turn for this company will come in the shape of one big contract. The industry it operates in—sustainability—is already an exploding sector, which is only growing bigger out of necessity. So all this penny stock needs is, say, a government contract to bolster its success. And that is a very plausible occurrence in 2019.

Penny Stocks Under 1 Cent: RJD Green (OTC:RJDG)

RJD Green is a holdings company that specializes in healthcare and green energy. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this penny stock is currently selling for $0.0059 USD, up 2% on the day. 

The company fully launched in 2016 and comprises of three individual divisions that “each offer rapid-growth in recessive resistant markets.” The business focuses on “economically advantageous acquisitions within emerging growth entities.” 

With a focus on niche sectors, RJDG offers interesting penny stock potential because it has its fingers on the cusp of different areas that could offer the next big play. Similar to CPWY above, sustainability is one of those.

What do you think about CPWY and RJDG?

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