Penny Stocks Under $1: These Cheap Stocks Should Be On Your Radar

Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are vulnerable to suffering, but the rebound potential is also great. The risk associated with cheaper stocks sometimes makes it a gamble at best for investors. But you can’t win if you aren’t in.

Here are three penny stocks under $1 USD that could make moves in 2019, and for the risk-takers out there, you may just pull an ace.

Penny Stocks Under $1: Globalstar

First up on our list is Globalstar Inc. (NYSE:GSAT). Currently selling for $0.62 USD, the GSAT penny stock has doubled in value in January. If you buy now, you may be in line for further gains as this company is growing in demand. However, sometimes after a big rise comes a steep fall, so keep an eye on this stock.

Globalstar is a wireless communications company. It provides mobile, satellite, voice, and data services across the globe. Its technology and devices are used primarily in search and rescue operations. Customers come from all sectors of business and include fishing companies, oil and gas, construction, and forestry.

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Penny Stocks Under $1: Glowpoint

Another communications company makes our list. Glowpoint, Inc. (NYSE:GLOW) is a cloud-based communication service provider and offers a suite of video conferencing solutions.

The suite includes a tier one help desk support, maintenance support, configuration and change management, service performance and reporting, proactive monitoring, and network services support.

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This penny stock is currently selling for $0.13 USD and is on a low ebb this week, but things change.

The company had over 8,500 video conference systems in use last year.

Penny Stocks Under $1: Cherokee

And now to marketing. The most expensive of our three, the CHKE penny stock is currently selling for $0.75 USD but managed to climb to $0.88 USD only one week ago. Based out of California, Cherokee Inc. (NASDAQ:CHKE) manages, markets, and licenses fashion and lifestyle brands for clothing, footwear, and home products, along with other items.

It has brands such as Cherokee, Magnum, Hi-Tec, Tony Hawk, and 50 Peaks under its umbrella and that only names a few. The company has a presence in approximately 80 countries with one or more of its over 50 licenses.

Bottom Line

For under $1 there’s a lot of bang for your buck here but will these penny stocks return dividends in the future?

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