Owl, Security For Your Car—Secures $10 Million Series A1 Round

Owl Car Camera

The Owl car camera was launched back in February by a team of ex-Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) and Dropcam executives. The two-way dash cam has now secured a $10 million Series A1 round led by Canvas Ventures.

This brings Owl’s total funding to $28 million.

What is the Owl Car Camera?

Put simply, Owl is a security measure for your car: an LTE security camera that is always on. And as it is always on, it aims to capture every incident that may involve your car; from car crashes while you are in the car, to break-ins and possible knocks when you are out of the car.

How Does it Work?

The two-way camera plugs into your car’s onboard diagnostics port and sits neatly in between the dashboard and windshield so it is never in your way. Once set up, you can access the camera anytime via the Owl mobile app.

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And what if something does happen?

Well, if the camera detects a car accident, the technology automatically saves the video to your phone, inclusive of a 10-second window before and after the incident. That’s pretty neat.

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Owl is now available for both Apple iOS and Andriod phones.

Rebecca Lynn of Canvas Ventures said the following: 

“We’ve seen a lot of pent-up demand for car security, and Owl is tapping into that demand with a product that’s easy to install and use, this is a testament to the team’s decades of experience building mega-hits like the iPod, iPhone, and Dropcam, and gives them a huge leg up in creating a device and service people feel excited to use every day.”

Not only for safety, Owl can also capture beautiful scenery if you ask it to. It has voice recognition and by simply saying “OK, Presto” the camera will record at your will. The camera retails for $349.

Featured Image: Owl.com

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