Trump Cuts China and Looks to Canada To Support Military

All last year, the two biggest economies in the world were at each other’s throats. 

While the media largely framed the conflict between the US and China as a trade war, there was something bigger going on behind the scenes…

…something that has MASSIVE implications for American foreign policy and defence. 

The American military is the biggest and most technologically advanced in the world. The US spends more on its military than China, Saudi Arabia, India, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Germany—combined.

But it can only stay the best in the world as long as it has access to one vital thing… one resource that’s integral to nearly every tool that the military uses.

I’m talking about Rare Earth Elements (REEs)

They’re a key component in everything, from helmet-mounted radios to laser-guided missiles.

Shockingly, China produces about 85% of the world’s rare earth elements… 

… and it just threatened to cut off America’s supply. 

Having limited access to REEs would seriously jeopardize American military dominance. Some experts are even calling China’s move an “acute threat to national security.”

This is such a big deal that President Trump quickly issued a determination labelling domestic rare earth processing capabilities “essential to national defence.”

Now, in an attempt to end its dependence on China for REEs, the US is scrambling to source more of its REES from North America. As a result, the domestic market for rare earth elements is FLOODING with value.

Analysts are now predicting that the market for REEs to grow from US$8.10 billion in 2018 to US$14.43 billion by 2025.

And that market isn’t going to be split between dozens of small REE suppliers. Because rare earth elements are so difficult to find in economically viable deposits, the market will be controlled by the handful of mining companies that can feed America’s demand FIRST.

And because this is such an incredible opportunity, we here at Street Signals have been studying this situation closely. 

Now, we’re about to reveal one company that could capture an incredible portion of the market—potentially similar to companies like… 

…BHP Group PLC while it was still trading under $10, before it gained 696%… 

…Rio Tinto Limited when it was at $23.42, before it gained 563%

…Vale SA when it was at just $3.79, before it gained an incredible 1,0585%!

Those were some of the biggest winners in the history of mining, and we’ve been looking for the next Vale SA for a long time now.

This one little-known company is about to be the next big success story in the industry thanks to its incredibly promising rare earth elements project in Northern British Columbia.

The project is SO PROMISING, in fact, that the US Department of Defense is considering making this company a “preferred vendor.”

A deal like this is hard to come by. It’s so “rare” that we’ve been working around the clock to ensure that our readers have everything they need to know about this company.

That’s why we’re offering a COMPREHENSIVE research report about this incredible under-the-radar mining company that’s could potentially be at the center of the REE world. 

This report could be worth hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars…but we’re giving it to you…

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