Trump Will Spend Whatever it Takes To Keep America’s Military on Top

Do you remember when Trump wanted to buy Greenland?

Everyone laughed, but it turns out this isn’t such a crazy idea… in fact, it might be the best idea Trump’s ever had.

While most people know about Greenland’s vast reservoirs of natural oil and gas, there’s something else on the massive island that experts believe could be immeasurably more valuable than oil.

You see, Greenland is home to a treasure trove of rare earth elements (REEs)

If you’ve heard about REEs, you already know how important they are.

If not, let me explain.

Almost every device in the modern world—from smartphones to satellites—has one essential ingredient: rare earth elements.

And they’re especially important for military devices like missile guidance systems and jet engines! 

This means that every cent of the $649 billion American military-industrial complex is dependant on having access to rare earth elements!

Unfortunately, rare earth elements are hard to find in economically viable deposits. That’s why Trump is willing to buy one of the biggest territories in the world to gain access to a steady supply of them.

It’s also why, just last year, he wrote to a Senate Committee on Urban Affairs that domestic production of rare earth elements is “essential to the national defense” of the U.S.

Because of this, analysts are expecting the market for REES to grow from US$8.10 billion in 2018 to US$14.43 billion by 2025. 

And that market isn’t going to be divided by dozens of small REE suppliers, it will largely be captured by the few companies able to meet demand first.

Any investor fortunate enough to know about a mining stock positioned in this rapidly-growing market has an opportunity to get in before that stock erupts. 

That’s why we here at Stock Street News have been doing our research, and we’re excited to reveal one company that could capture an incredible portion of the market—potentially similar to companies like… 

…BHP Group PLC while it was still trading under $10, before it gained 696%… 

…Rio Tinto Limited when it was at $23.42, before it gained 563%

…Vale SA when it was at just $3.79, before it gained an incredible 1,0585%!

Those were some of the biggest winners in the history of mining, and we’ve been waiting a long time to find the next Vale SA.

Not only does this company have a large rare earth resource in British Columbia, its mine is such a promising prospect, the US Department of Defense is considering making it a “preferred vendor.”

A deal like this could be the once-in-a-decade opportunity that everyone yearns for, so we’ve been working all-hands-on-deck on a research report to ensure that our readers have everything they need to know about this company before its too late.

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