3D Signatures Announces Successful Clinical Trial Completion in New Lymphoma Drug

Successful Clinical Trial Completion in New Lymphoma Drug

3D Signatures, Inc. (TSXV:DXD) officially announced that the company had completed the clinical trial component, or Stage 3, of its Hodgkin’s lymphoma test validation program. Data from the clinical trial has been further submitted to the company’s statistics consulting partner for analysis.

CEO of the company, Jason Flowerday stated: “We are excited to accomplish this critical milestone on schedule, and we remain on track for the expected commercial launch of Telo-HL as an LDT by the end of Q1 2018.”

Telo-HL, specifically, is powered by the company’s proprietary TeloView software platform, designed to stratify HL patients at the point of diagnosis into patients with aggressive or non-aggressive disease. Patients with the aggressive disease may then be considered for alternative treatments, rather than being placed under multiple rounds of standard chemotherapy. 3D is expecting Telo-HL to benefit patients seeking more personalized treatment, while providing significant cost cuts to payors and insurers that are currently burdened with expensive treatment costs.

Further, 3D also announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has recently issued the Company two new patents governing key aspects of its technology platform. The first granted for “Methods for Assessing Cancer Cells Using Granulometry”, the second granted for “Methods for Evaluating Alzheimer’s Diseases and Disease Severity”.

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