Zacks Investment Research Upgrades VBI Vaccines, Inc.’s Rating

VBI Vaccines, Inc.

In a report published on Tuesday morning, Zacks Investment Research has upgraded its rating of VBI Vaccines, Inc (NASDAQ:$VBIV) from a ‘Sell’ rating to a ‘Hold’.

VBIV is a biotechnology company that is focused on the development of vaccine-related technologies. Of particular note, the company boasts its eVLP particle vaccine platform that allows users to engineer enveloped VLP vaccines. They are also involved in projects related to cytomegalovirus – or CMV – and similar antigens.

Shares of VBI opened on Tuesday at $3.86. The company has a one year high of $6.60 and a one year low of $2.75. Their Market cap is $155.28 million. The company has a 50 and 200-day Moving Average of $3.77 and $4.53 respectively.

Other brokers have weighed in on the stock;

  • On May 31, TheStreet dropped VBIV’s rating (who use a letter grade system) from a C- to a D+.
  • On July 12, ValuEngine raised VBIV from a rating of ‘Sell’ to ‘Hold’.
  • On July 31, Noble Financial restated a ‘Buy’ rating.

Altogether, the consensus is ‘Hold’ with a Target Price of $5.38.

In insider trading news, CEO Jeff Baxter bought 10,000 shares on August 21st at an average price of $3.22 per share and a total value of $32,200.00. He currently owns 120, 255 shares of the company, totally in at roughly $387,221.10. Insider shares account for 34.10% of the company’s total stock.

A number of institutions have also recently traded in VBIV stock;

  • The Bank of Montreal Can (TSE:$BMO) raised its stake by 8.6% and now owns 63,398 shares worth $277,000.
  • California Teacher’s Retirement System bought a new stake with roughly $167,000.
  • Schwab Charles Investment Management Inc bought a new position, buying stock worth roughly $187,000.
  • Bank of New York Mellon Corp (NYSE:$BK) bought a new position worth $193,000.
  • Teachers Advisors LLC purchased a new stake worth $195,000.

Institutional ownership accounts for 31.52% of the stock.

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