$0.03 Quarterly Dividend Declared for Pollard Banknote Ltd.

Pollard Banknote Ltd.

On Thursday, August 10th, Pollard Banknote Ltd (TSXV:$PBL) reported a planned dividend of $0.03, according to a report from Zacks Investment Research from Friday. On September 30th, shareholders of record will receive $0.03. This means a dividend yield of 0.82% and an annualized dividend of $0.12. The ex-dividend date is set for September 28th.

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Pollard Banknote produces and provides a line of products and services in the gaming and lottery industry worldwide. Their products include interactive gaming, telephone selling, marketing, Social Instants, ticket vending machines, SureTrack lottery management system, lottery services, and a line of instant tickets and lottery services.

Multiple brokerages weighed in on the stock recently:

  • Acumen Capital, on July 4th, gave the stock a ‘Buy’ rating and increased price target to C$14.25 from C$12.50.
  • Canaccord Genuity. In a research note on September 6th, restated a ‘Buy’ rating with a target price of C$16.50.

During trading on Friday, Pollard hit a stock price of $14.58, an increase of 0.07%, and a stock volume level of 1,920 shares. Their market cap is currently $343.26 million. They have a 52 week low and high of $7.68 and $14.77 respectively. Their moving 50 and 200-day average prices are $13.17 and $11.00 respectively.

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