Looking At Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.’s Stock in Detail

Share Price and 1 Year Extreme Prices Breakdown

On June 9, 2017, car-rental company Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.’s (NYSE:$HTZ) shares hit its 52-week low at $8.75. The company’s share is now priced at $8.90, a small and hopeful rise after the hitting such a low last week. The price, however, is a detrimental fall from the company’s 52 week high of $53.14, reached on July 27, 2016.

The difference between the 52 low share price and the 52 high share price, as well as the current stock price can help determine whether Hertz’s price per share will rise or continue its descent. As of now, it looks like Hertz’s price will likely rise due to its current price being near the 52-week low and the high price it was able to achieve at its 52 week high.

Share Volume Breakdown

Volume of a stock refers to the amount of shares that have been bought and sold in a one trading day. When an investor wants to consider the liquidity of a company, they will most likely look at the average volume of the company’s stock. A low average volume means a low liquidity — meaning it’s difficult to buy or sell the stock as there are only a few buyers and sellers. Vice versa, a high average volume means a high liquidity — meaning it’s easier to buy or sell the stock since there are so many buyers and sellers.

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Hertz currently has a trading volume of 6.93 million shares, and its average trading volume is 5,460 shares. Both these numbers are pretty high, meaning that Hertz’s stocks are easier to buy and/or sell.

Price to Earnings Ratio (P/E)

Hertz did not report its P/E.

Earnings Per Share (EPS)

A company’s EPS is another characteristic that investors tend to consider when looking at which stocks to buy and/or sell. EPS helps analyze if the company is profitable on a single share basis.

Several analysts have predicted the EPS of Herz’s stock to be -0.91, however Hertz’s actual EPS is -1.61 — meaning it did worst than expected.

Market Capitalization Breakdown

Market capitalization is how much the company is worth — the market value of the company’s shares outstanding. It can be thought of as the total price one would have to pay in order to by the company. Market cap can be used to help calculate the size of the company instead of looking at sale or total assets.

Currently, Hertz has a market capitalization at 745.04 million. The large number suggests to investors that this is a rather large company, meaning that its shares are more stable and have lower-risk when compared to companies that have a lower market capitalization.

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