As Health Concerns Erode Trust in Vaping, Only One Company is Producing the Safest, Most Organic Pot on the Market


Citation Growth Corporation (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF) is the only Industrial-Scale Triple Organic Certified Production Facility in Nevada

Reports of the devastating vaping-related lung disease and death have descended on the pot industry like a plague. 

There have already been more than 800 reported cases of illness[1], and 26 people have tragically lost their lives[2]. As bootleg products flood the market, the Center for Disease Control has begun to warn people against the use of vaping products.

But that’s not the only bad news the industry has had to contend with. Recently, CannTrust made headlines for selling pot that was partially sourced from the black market.[3] And on top of that, Sundial had a half ton of pot returned as it contained visible mold and pieces of rubber gloves.[4]

Scandals like this are eroding trust in the pot industry. The public is beginning to feel like there’s never been a more dangerous time to use pot.

Consumers need a name they can trust.

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One of the only ways to guarantee a pot product is safe is to ensure that it’s organic, and there is only one company in the US with a triple-organic certified flower product.  That company is Citation Growth Corporation (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF).

With its industrial-scale, triple-certified organic cultivation facility in Nevada, Citation Growth produces nothing but the healthiest, highest quality pot. Not only does it have a world-class facility that’s the safest in the state, the company also has game-changing proprietary cultivation techniques, a team of renowned pot geneticists, and an award-winning portfolio of pot cultivars.

 At its current market cap of only C$19 million, it’s apparent that the market has yet to truly notice Citation Growth despite many signs that this is a pre-breakout star in the making. While it’s starting out in Nevada, Citation Growth has all the tools necessary to effectively scale up into a dominant presence on the national scene.

Citation Growth Corporation (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF) has the highest-grade product, one of the lowest costs per pound, and the best outlook for success. Let’s dive deeper into how Citation Growth can quickly establish itself as a major multi-state operator (MSO), and by doing so, restore faith to the pot industry.


Nevada might just be the best place in the world to sell pot.

In the first year since legalizing recreational pot, retail stores in the state exceeded revenue expectations by a whopping 60%.[5] Instead of making $265 million in that first year, the state made $425 million. That’s a higher sales margin than any other state.

Based on this incredible performance, analysts have adjusted their forecasts for Nevada’s adult-use market. Now they believe that the state’s revenue from legal, recreational pot is likely to blow past $1 billion in 2025.

 The impact of tourism on this sector drove Nevada’s sales rank to sixth among all states with legalized recreational pot usedespite having only the 33rd highest US population.

While Nevada has proven itself to be a unique and exciting market to sell to, the state’s pot sector has added new regulatory requirements. Due to the limited amount of available licenses

in the state of Nevada compared to other states, Citation’s licenses help distinguish the company from competitors.

This is why it was so impressive when Citation Growth Corporation (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF) secured a mammoth sized cultivation capacity.

Perhaps most impressive is how the company is the only US company with triple-organic certified flower product.

Citation Growth Corporation (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF) is building a North Las Vegas facility that’s anticipated to be 275,000 sq ft with a production capacity of up to 23,000 kg of high-margin organic flower and a 16,000 sq ft. processing area that is capable of producing up to US$80 million in sales upon completion.

It doesn’t stop there. Citation has secured its distribution and sales license from the Nevada Department of Taxation. Total revenues, once all phases have been completed and optimized are anticipated to yield up to approximately US$242 million annually.

In total across its two Nevada locations (North Las Vegas and Pahrump), Citation Growth Corporation is one of the largest licensed footprint holders in the state of Nevada with a license to build up to 569,600 square feet.

The company is in the process of constructing its facilities to meet this licensed capacity in the very near future.

Which is why it’s worthwhile to look at some of the Citation Growth’s fellow Nevada state cultivation comparables… namely Flower One Holdings Inc. (CSE: FONE) (OTC: FLOOF), Green Thumb Industries Inc. (CSE: GTII) (OTC: GTBIF), MedMen Enterprises (CSE: MMEN) (OTC: MMNFF), iAnthus Capital Holdings (CSE: IAN) (OTC: ITHUF):

While all of these companies are worth over US$200 million (one of which is nearly $2 billion), Citation Growth Corporation (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF) is still in an early phase of its story—giving investors a perfect opportunity for an early-mover advantage.

In comparison, Citation Growth has the potential for a much, much larger cultivation footprint in Nevada—over 8,000 square feet more than all four of them combined!

But it’s not just the square footage that gives Citation Growth a major Nevada advantage.

We will now look at the company’s major strengths, and see why Citation Growth Corporation (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF) is poised to be a major player in the US multi-state operator field.


Unlike any of the other major growers with cultivation operations in Nevada, Citation Growth Corporation (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF) under its Fiore brand, is producing the ONLY triple-certified organic flower product—providing the opportunity to realize much higher margins.

Fiore’s flower product meets, and often exceeds, the National Organic Programs’ requirements for organic cultivation.

While Citation’s North Las Vegas facility was already established as the site of Fiore’s production, the company didn’t stop there when it came to building itself as a Nevada pot powerhouse.

In early August, Citation (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF) closed the acquisition of ACC Group of Companies, which comes with an award-winning seed genetics program, and big-league cultivation expertise.

Combined, the new entity with ACC’s infusion gives Citation Growth an incredible consolidated licensed footprint of up to 569,600 sq ft, including up to 16,000 sq ft in processing space for concentrates and edibles, assuming the successful completion of all proposed site phases. Moving forward, Citation’s proprietary organic cultivation techniques and medical-grade equipment exceed production standards and decrease chances of crop failure.

Perhaps most impressive, is its three-day harvest cycle—guaranteeing consumers the freshest flower on the market.

This Little-Known Company is Bringing Triple Organic Certified Pot to the US Market! Get The Latest News About This Hot Stock Delivered Right to Your Inbox!


Already a well-established producer, Citation Growth (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF) has current plans underway to expand its productive capacity to more than 134,000 kg of dried flower per year.

With its distribution and sales license from the Nevada Department of Taxation in place, Citation’s management estimates an eventual yield of up to approximately US$242 million annually.

A big part of these high numbers comes from the organic element of the operation.

Couple in newly-acquired subsidiary ACC’s Las Vegas cultivation facility which is anticipated to reach 248,600 sq ft once completed. It’s estimated to yield a production capacity of up to 22,000 kg (48,500 lbs) of dried, premium flower per year.

ACC’s ethos has been to set the industry standard for potency, aroma, and terpene profile, with three flagship brands and a broad portfolio of high-demand products—which was a key reason why Citation sought out the company and its assets.


While building out its triple-certified organic business in Nevada was admirable on its own, clearly Citation Growth’s (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF) biggest move to date was the major acquisition of ACC Group of Companies (ACC).

ACC’s infrastructure, combined with Citation’s drive toward multi-state operations (MSO), provides a clear signal that a new premium North American pot company is on the scene.

Together, both Citation (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF) and ACC have targeted the vibrant Nevada market, each developing substantial core assets. The newly combined entity is anticipated to be capable of producing approximately 156,000 kg (~344,000 lbs) of premium dried flower at full capacity.

At a current glance Citation’s footprint so far, includes:

  • Las Vegas, NV – A triple-certified, organic cultivation and production facility is anticipated to become one of the largest licensed producers in the State of Nevada, once the two remaining construction phases are complete.
  • Pahrump, NV – ACC’s currently operation facility where it’s anticipated new critical capacity will be added when the remaining six proposed cultivation facilities are completed. In addition, this facility is home to both the genetic and marketing teams that have made ACC into the success that it is today.
  • Chase, BC – Joint venture to develop a 486,000 sq ft licensed cultivation facility.
  • Celista, BC – Ten buildings totaling 100,000 sq ft of cultivation and processing space currently under construction.
  • Lynden, WA – 13.8 acre property, hosts third-party unlimited processing license with 28,000 sq ft of cultivation space.
  • California – The company owns and operates a dispensary as well as two properties totaling 247 acres that are primed for development.

Ahead of the ACC acquisition, the newly-acquired subsidiary’s strategy involved a strain-centric approach to growth. This was a wise play, that secured premier seed genetics work, that when with Citation’s (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF) organic growing techniques, present a very intriguing formula to establish an elite multi-state operator (MSO).

Since 2014, ACC has held a Nevada cultivation licence; the State of Nevada has since issued a moratorium on new licences putting ACC way ahead of other companies currently trying to expand their reach within the state.

Along with the Pahrump, NV facility, Citation (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF) acquired an admirable pack of assets from ACC as well, including:

  • Bluntbox – A lifestyle brand that represents the most traditional pot user, that never compromises taste, flavor, or experience in each flower roll.
  • Gardens of WeEden – A brand that uses elite seed genetics, cutting edge traits, and innovative technologies to create a sustainable product of the highest quality, and at the lowest price.
  • Superior – Above all, below none, Superior strives to bring the world’s finest, highest quality genetics to the Las Vegas market.

Innovative and Experienced All-Star Team

The Citation Growth Corporation (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF) team has made a point of building the company at the junction of “where innovation meets experience”.

Industry veteran CEO and Director Howard Misle played an integral role in the Nevada cultivation scene since its legalization, having been involved in the pot sector since 2003. His expertise in the industry should help Citation grow exponentially into a top-tier competitor. Misle joined Citation upon the closing the acquisition of ACC Group of Companies (ACC) in August 2019. Through his exceptional leadership, he founded and led American Metals Group to a peak of 700 workers and US$120 million in revenue before it was acquired in 2011.

Over the course of his 23-year international career, President and Director Rahim Mohamed has built a reputation being instrumental in closing multiple mergers and acquisitions. Mohamed was key to the ACC Group acquisition, which positioned Citation to control one of the largest pot grower footprints in Nevada. He is a member of the Private Capital Markets Association of Canada (PCMA)—formerly known as Exempt Market Dealers Association of Canada (EMDA).

They’re joined by CFO Nilda Rivera, a very notable success in the legal pot space. Prior to joining Citation, Rivera served as the Vice President of Finance and Corporate Secretary of Aurora. Entering the legal pot industry 6 years ago, Rivera’s 20-year career involves accounting, financial reporting and corporate governance, serving in CFO and Corporate Secretary roles for multiple TSX and TSXV companies.

Citation Growth Corporation (CSE:CGRO) (OTC:CGOTF)

  1. This is the ONLY Triple-Certified Organic pot grower in Nevada
  2. High-quality flower product = high profit margin—$900/lb above state market average
  3. Huge Nevada cultivation footprint—licensed capacity of 569,600 sq ft upon completion
  4. Proprietary cultivation technology with guaranteed freshest Seven-Day Harvest Cycle
  5. Successful M&A skills landed Nevada’s bell of the ball, ACC Group of Companies
  6. Among acquired assets were ACC’s Award-winning genetics
  7. Industrial scale production set to produce approximately 156,000 kg (~344,000 lbs) of premium dried flower at full capacity
  8. Still a relatively small market cap, despite all comparable companies with similar cultivation footprints each worth over US$200 million
  9. Estimated total revenues of up to ~US$242 million annually once all phases completed and optimized
  10. Management team with winning history of company building and M&A experience

This Little-Known Company is Bringing Triple Organic Certified Pot to the US Market! Get The Latest News About This Hot Stock Delivered Right to Your Inbox!


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